Traditional Thai Massage at Awanahouse - Guest House in Chiang Mai

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Awana House, Thailand Chiang Mai Thai massage Awana House Chiang Mai

Awanahouse, Chiang Mai offers the authentic Thai massage, a traditional one with a number of benefits.

During the massage the masseuse finds the right balance for your body. Starting with the feet and stimulating the energy lines, they attend to every pressure point in your body such as neck, shoulder, back and head. The process is similar to Chinese and Japanese massages. Traditional Thai massage is an interactive manipulation of the body, stretching the body using pressure points and energy lines. This manipulation helps the body by:

  • Heightening flexibility


  • Improving bone structure


  • Draining away the waste products out of the body


  • Stimulating functions of internal organs


  • Improving the energy balance in the body

It is important that you remain calm because when your body is tensed it is difficult to work a massage. The general effect of a Thai massage is total relaxation and an energetic feeling. The massage is given on the floor on a mattress. The client will be offered special, comfortable and light clothes for this.