Doi Tao Tour

2-3 Days Private Tour

Maybe you have heard about the lives of hill tribes but have you witnessed the lives of the Thai? This special tour brings you to the most quiet places in the countryside of northern Thailand. Get a personal view of how the Thai people live and work on the rice fields and fruit orchards (Lon Gan).

The trip starts early morning from Awanahouse. First we visit Lampoon and Pasang and then go to Ban Hong. Here you can see the people working on the rice fields. We keep moving to Mae Buan, a small village, part of Doi Tao, where we have lunch and see some traditional Thai houses. Then we visit the Thai families where we have dinner and overnight accommodation. You will witness traditional handicrafts and fruit orchards during the walk.

Awana House, Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Thai Handicraft Awana House Chiang Mai
Awana House, Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Thai House Awana House Chiang Mai
Awana House, Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Thai Fruit Orchard Awana House Chiang Mai

Enjoy the unique experience of sleeping on a boat at the Doi Tao Lake. The second day will start with breakfast at the Thai house or on the boat at the lake. Take a tour of the village and check out the rice field, orchards, gardens and rice mill.

A great option is a boat trip on the lake. After having lunch at the lake or later we can continue on our way to the hot springs and visit the Ob Luang Canyon. Finally we return to Chiang Mai and arrive at Awanahouse in the evening.

Please carry:

  • Sandals or sports shoes
  • For the evening: Long trousers, shirt with long sleeves, insect repellent
  • Swimming clothes and towels
  • Toilet requisites
  • Flashlight
  • Toilet paper and small plastic bag